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Unpacking the Basics of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process that leads to the development of a brand, an organisation, or a company, by way of digital platforms and mediums, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, games consoles, and the internet.  Digital marketers use media such as these to reach customers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.  It is now easier than ever to reach a wide variety of potential customers – providing you understand the five stages of basic digital marketing.

The first stage is having high quality content, whether traditionally written copy or by producing video content.  Producing well written copy relies on working hard on the details.  Small things, such as adjective choice, phrasing of sentences, and using effective imagery to make the reader emphasise or agree with your point can produce starling results. Similarly, optimising videos for SEO can let companies actively interact with their potential customer base.

The second stage is using social media.  Social media is another means of interacting and relating with customers on a wide scale and potentially have a positive relationship that will promote your business. [click to continue…]


9 Networks for Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach

Looking to gain more traffic and exposure to your business in order to boost revenue?

9 Networks for Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach

Then guest blogging and blogger outreach are the way to go. Of course, one of the toughest challenges as a business owner is finding the right bloggers to connect with. You also don’t want to spend a lot of time researching bloggers that may not be interested in working with you. [click to continue…]


Discover How To Make Money On The Internet

Learn Affiliate Marketing When starting my journey into the internet world of marketing, I had no experience and no friends or associates to ask how this world works. I had heard that there were successful people out there that knew how to make money on the internet, and lots of it.  But how to go about it? Good question.

  A person can do a search for information and courses on starting an internet business, and you will find yourself immersed in so many offerings that you finally give up reading them all and still have not found the key to open the door to your online business.

So Where Is The Key?

 The key to your door would be found where-ever your comfort zone is. Let me explain- [click to continue…]


Exemplary customer service is crucial to the success of all businesses.

But what exactly is exemplary customer service?

Here’s an example of what it isn’t.

It involves an unusual encounter I had with the cashier at my favorite pastry shop. I selected a few goodies to buy and placed the items on the counter. The cashier neglected to look in my direction or even say anything. She packed my items in a bag and then rang up my total. She stood there saying nothing, leaving it up to me to look at the cash register to see out how much I owed.

I handed her my money and she returned my change by putting it down on the counter. Then, she walked away and got busy wiping down the display case.

During the time that I was in the shop, this employee did not utter one word. No hello. No thank you. No good-bye.

Now compare my negative customer experience with that of my friend. She, while shopping at a clothing store, was acknowledged and served by a smiling, delightful sales associate who exuded tons of charm.

At the end of the transaction, rather than handing the gift bag across the counter as so many associates do, this associate did something different. She walked outside of the checkout desk, around the counter, and handed the shopping bag directly to my friend.

That was customer service excellence!

It was also a memorable experience.

Today, I’d like to cover several ways that small business owners and their employees can win over customers by providing exemplary customer service. These methods work well for brick-and-mortar businesses, and for online customer service.
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The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging & Blogger Outreach

When it comes to guest blogging and blogger outreach, there is lots of great information about the tactics and strategies you can use as a business to make sure you receive coverage and exposure from the best blogs in your industry. Unfortunately, most of these resources are scattered about and hard to find.

If you are looking for great resources on guest blogging and blogger outreach strategies, then check out this post on KISSmetrics: The Ultimate Resource Guide to Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach. This post features SMB Contest sponsors BlogDash, GuestBlogIt, and MyBlogGuest along with twenty guides to help you work with bloggers in a way that is beneficial to your business.