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Unpacking the Basics of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process that leads to the development of a brand, an organisation, or a company, by way of digital platforms and mediums, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, games consoles, and the internet.  Digital marketers use media such as these to reach customers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.  It is now easier than ever to reach a wide variety of potential customers – providing you understand the five stages of basic digital marketing.

The first stage is having high quality content, whether traditionally written copy or by producing video content.  Producing well written copy relies on working hard on the details.  Small things, such as adjective choice, phrasing of sentences, and using effective imagery to make the reader emphasise or agree with your point can produce starling results. Similarly, optimising videos for SEO can let companies actively interact with their potential customer base.

The second stage is using social media.  Social media is another means of interacting and relating with customers on a wide scale and potentially have a positive relationship that will promote your business. [click to continue…]


9 Networks for Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach

Looking to gain more traffic and exposure to your business in order to boost revenue? Then guest blogging and blogger outreach are the way to go. Of course, one of the toughest challenges as a business owner is finding the right bloggers to connect with. You also don’t want to spend a lot of time researching bloggers that may not be interested in working with you.

That is where guest blogging and blogger outreach networks come into play. They allow you to connect with bloggers who are looking to work with businesses in their industry. Find out which guest blogging and blogger outreach networks are best in this post on Search Engine Journal: 9 Networks You Can Use for Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach. This post features SMB Contest sponsors BlogDash, GuestBlogIt, and MyBlogGuest.


Discover How To Make Money On The Internet

Learn Affiliate Marketing When starting my journey into the internet world of marketing, I had no experience and no friends or associates to ask how this world works. I had heard that there were successful people out there that knew how to make money on the internet, and lots of it.  But how to go about it? Good question.

  A person can do a search for information and courses on starting an internet business, and you will find yourself immersed in so many offerings that you finally give up reading them all and still have not found the key to open the door to your online business.

So Where Is The Key?

 The key to your door would be found where-ever your comfort zone is. Let me explain-

 There are so many con-artists and scammers out there that just want to sell you a bill of goods and take your money, then you find out there is no support, nothing. You just spent your hard- earned money on garbage.  Beware of these types of offers. Go with your gut feeling when you are looking into a program to get you started.

That is your comfort zone.

For myself, it came in an email. I was introduced to two young men that were on the same quest back in 2006. They became friends in college, one was a lawyer, the other an english teacher. Not happy with their career choices, they went on a search to create an online business. After many years of learning the ropes the hard way and finally achieving success, they put together a program to assist others  on the same venture.

The program is simple to get your website up and running in no time, and they also offer one-on-one coaching. The initial buy-in to the program was definitely not going to break my piggy bank and I was in my comfort zone with what they were saying the program offered.  I made the initial purchase and within 48 hours I had my first website.

So You Have A Website, Now What?

 The two men did not leave me without some answers. The program came with numerous video tutorials to get a person started with affiliate marketing. I was on my way. Or at least I thought I was. Boy, did I have a lot to learn and still do.

And So The Make Money On The Internet Venture Continues

 I see so many people looking for an answer to how to make money online. That is why I am writing this post. First and foremost anyone considering this quest needs to realize that overnight success doesn’t happen online even though some people like to make you believe it does. It takes work, determination, responsibility, and integrity. Be true to yourself, treat others with respect, make sure you create a secure site for your visitors, and know the companies you affiliate with. There is nothing worse than spamming people with an array of products that you know nothing about just to gain a commission.

 When considering this venture, first choose your niche. Think of what you have experience in and that you believe in. Maybe you are a great cook, are good at sewing, mechanicing in your garage is your favorite place to be, how about your garden, do you have tips and tricks to help others out? We all do something that we love, and that something is easy to create content about on your site. Then find companies to affiliate with that fit your niche.

 Well That Sounds Simple Enough, Or Does It?

  It is not that simple. Take my word for it and this is where your determination comes in to play. Find time everyday to educate yourself on how this world works. You will thank yourself later for it and your site visitors will also thank you for not having a garbage site. How will you know if your visitors like your site or what you need to improve? They will leave comments. Please reply to those comments, whether good or bad. It shows you have an interest in your visitors, as they are potential customers. They will share your site with friends and tweet your page. Tell your tweeters and friends thank you for sharing. Also make sure you have some type of analytics service set up on your site to find out where your traffic is coming from. You can learn alot from analyzing that data.

 One site I have found that has a vast amount of information (for free I might add) is AffiliateXFiles. The site gives you information on affiliate marketing, article marketing, email marketing, blogging, and much more. They are a great resource to have in your arsenal of helpful sites to assist you on your venture as a new internet marketer. They rank very high in Google Search. That should tell you that there content is useful and up to date. Always be on the search for sites that have tips to help you make your online business grow. One blog site I like to follow is TrafficGenerationCafe. The author, Ana Hoffman, has worked hard on this site and she always has great content with a lot of tips and tricks.


 As stated earlier, always be truthful to yourself and your visitors. I started my first site a bit over 1 year ago. It has been a long road of learning, and I continue to learn something new everyday. Knowledge is key. Never quit learning.  I created my second site in January after being awarded a platinum pass to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. Thank you Affiliate Summit for that opportunity. It was an experience I will never forget and also led me to creating my second site which still needs an incredible amount of work to be done on it. Trying to keep up more than one site, especially when you have a day job, is work. I am making progress with both sites and starting to get more traffic all the time. That is where the determination factor comes in. Don’t give up after a few months because it will take much more time than that to even get your site found.

 Be social. The internet is all about making connections. There are also learning curves involved in the social media arena. Take time to learn them. I know I am. Visit How Do Marketers Connect With Customers. This is a great interview with Chris Saad of Echo posted on Affiliate X Files. You can also find out what Echo is and the services they provide here.

 Find directories to get listed in. Make sure they are quality directories. That gives you more links back to your site. One I recently came across is Manta.com. There are numerous options when claiming your directory listing for your business with them. You are able to build additional pages or tabs that can be linked to different pages or products on your site. You can also link up all your social media profiles to your directory listing.  Manta will send you weekly emails concerning how many people visited your listing the previous week. The best part is if you are a local business without a website, you can still claim a listing in this directory. The Manta directory listing is growing by leaps and bounds every day and they also included a member forum so one can network with others in the Manta community.  

 Last but not least, find quality tools to assist you in your pursuit of online business. One that I use and highly recommend is CommentLuv Premium. Click on the link for more information on my view concerning this quality plug-in. Thank you Andy Bailey for creating the CommentLuv Network.

 So there you have it.  A small slice of my journey into the internet world and some of the steps that I have taken. If you would like further details, such as what program that I initially signed up with, or some of the tools that I use, send an email with your questions. If you are contemplating starting an online business, hopefully this article has assisted in answering some of your questions concerning online marketing. More in-depth information can be accessed at Affiliate X Files. 

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links on this post, the only aff. link involved would be found if a visitor chooses to view the CommentLuv Premium post that is linked up to this. A must-read if you love CommentLuv.


Exemplary customer service is crucial to the success of all businesses.

But what exactly is exemplary customer service?

Here’s an example of what it isn’t.

It involves an unusual encounter I had with the cashier at my favorite pastry shop. I selected a few goodies to buy and placed the items on the counter. The cashier neglected to look in my direction or even say anything. She packed my items in a bag and then rang up my total. She stood there saying nothing, leaving it up to me to look at the cash register to see out how much I owed.

I handed her my money and she returned my change by putting it down on the counter. Then, she walked away and got busy wiping down the display case.

During the time that I was in the shop, this employee did not utter one word. No hello. No thank you. No good-bye.

Now compare my negative customer experience with that of my friend. She, while shopping at a clothing store, was acknowledged and served by a smiling, delightful sales associate who exuded tons of charm.

At the end of the transaction, rather than handing the gift bag across the counter as so many associates do, this associate did something different. She walked outside of the checkout desk, around the counter, and handed the shopping bag directly to my friend.

That was customer service excellence!

It was also a memorable experience.

Today, I’d like to cover several ways that small business owners and their employees can win over customers by providing exemplary customer service. These methods work well for brick-and-mortar businesses, and for online customer service.
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The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging & Blogger Outreach

When it comes to guest blogging and blogger outreach, there is lots of great information about the tactics and strategies you can use as a business to make sure you receive coverage and exposure from the best blogs in your industry. Unfortunately, most of these resources are scattered about and hard to find.

If you are looking for great resources on guest blogging and blogger outreach strategies, then check out this post on KISSmetrics: The Ultimate Resource Guide to Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach. This post features SMB Contest sponsors BlogDash, GuestBlogIt, and MyBlogGuest along with twenty guides to help you work with bloggers in a way that is beneficial to your business.

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