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Where Your SMBcontest Posts Should Be Published

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First I want to encourage ALL bloggers of any level of experience to participate. You don’t even have to have your own blog! Every one of us started sometime and I already have one post from a new blogger who has never published one before.

Next I want to clarify where the posts get published.  You write a post on your own blog ABOUT the contest with the sponsor links and then you write all your other posts here. They will be published here and then after they are judged they may be republished on relevant sites to benefit you even more. (Those that are will be deindexed here so there will be no duplicate content issue.)


  1. Post ABOUT the contest published on YOUR blog.
  2. All entry posts for the contest published here. Go to ** CONTESTANTS START HERE ** to enter the contest and submit posts.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS just leave a comment or ASK GAIL LIVE.

Because this contest could get really huge, the posts on this site are the ones that will count towards the prizes so that it is easier for the judges to judge them quickly. The last contest similar to this I managed judges had to read 39 posts and I anticipate far more than that so we need to make it fast for those volunteers who will be giving so much of their time to this good cause.

Regarding promotion, what I recommend is that you add links to your contest posts near the top of your post ABOUT the contest on your own site and then promote them all.  To make that much easier for all participants JustRetweet and EasyRetweet are giving free credits to our bloggers.

You can use them to promote any combination of posts – and obviously you would want to promote the one on your own blog and send yourself new readers – so if you have your links to your entry posts here at the top of that post and encourage your readers to comment in and share your entries you benefit your own blog and increase your chances to win.

Do this because your own readers who already know and love you
are the most likely people to comment and share your entry posts.

There is no one way that promoting will work and those with the most influence who already have large followings and know how to use social media do have an advantage when it comes to the top cash prizes. I do not want that to discourage you at all

Because there are so many prizes ANYONE –
and I do mean ANYONE – can win one of them.

There will be NO LOSERS because all will gain
experience and visibility.

All will meet other great bloggers who become their supporters.

And many will come out of this contest with businesses willing to pay them
for their services, for advertising, and to reach the audiences they are growing.

The more bloggers who enter the more small businesses will want to work with us all and the more exceptionally cool prizes they will be willing to offer to all of us.

I ask you to get involved in this contest for the collective
good of the blogging community and the world.

Bloggers and small businesses working together are THE solution to the economic challenges we are all facing. Do not delay – and do not let not being sure what to do stop you.

  • If you use Skype add GrowMap – I am the ONLY GrowMap on Skype so I am easy to find.
  • If you use Yahoo IM add GrowMap there and message me any time. I will answer around the clock as soon as I see your message.
  • If you don’t use either of those but have MSN or AOL let me know via email or in a comment and I will add you.
  • Or send me a tweet to @GrowMap on Twitter. I answer all that I see and I search on both @GrowMap and GrowMap all day every day so I can connect with all who are looking for me.

Finally you can simply leave a comment here and let me know how to reach out to you or ask a question and I will answer it. Often many have the same question but they are afraid of appearing stupid or embarrassed to ask.

There are NO stupid questions and those who ask are the brave ones who are leaders to be admired. This post was inspired by a question from Shathyan Raja and for his courage I am featuring him and his sites in this post:

Shathyan Raja is a Blogger, Content Writer and a Paid Writer at various Blogs including Zlobber.com where he writes about Blogging Tips, SEO, Online Money Making and various other topics and Techulator.com where he writes about the latest Gadgets, Technology and Products.

Check out and contact him via Shathyan Raja Facebook Profile or Shathyan Raja Google+ Profile. Be sure to follow Shathyan on Twitter because Twitter is THE most important social site for all bloggers to use.  If you don’t use it yet find out how in my Twitter Best Practices post.

Look up at the top of this blog and in the top left corner under the header you will see a tab that says  ** CONTESTANTS START HERE ** that takes you to the page with step-by-step instructions.

Don’t wait – don’t think about it – just DO IT –
for your good and the good of so many others! 

That tab makes it easy for you to find it quickly any time.

Or click the link that says ** CONTESTANTS START HERE ** in this post to go there.

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