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Understanding Permanent Guest Blogging

Understanding Permanent Guest BloggingI’m not sure if Permanent Guest Blogging is even an industry term, but I like it so, yeah, we’ll stick with it. By now, you’re probably already aware of the fact that I think the whole guest blogging scenario stinks. I always have. So, while I have an audience, I’m going to take the floor hear to explain to you the changes I’ve made in my own personal guest blogging techniques, and how they apply to the guest blogger and the blog owner.

What is a Permanent Guest Blogger?

A Permanent Guest Blogger (PGB) is someone who guest blogs on your blog on a regular basis. Instead of using a different guest blogger, you have a Guest Blogger In Residence, so to speak.

How Does a Permanent Guest Blogger Benefit Your Blog?

  • Using a PGB frees up your time. You’re no longer constantly looking for guest bloggers and you’re no longer sifting through their sub-par posts.
  • Instead of parading guest blogger after guest blogger by your readers every week, you’re giving them one voice they can listen to and learn to appreciate.
  • You’re improving the content on your blog. By giving one guest blogger the opportunity to interact with your followers on a regular, on-going basis, they can get to know your readers and better address their needs.
  • If you’ve chosen a good PGB they’ll understand the concept of collaboration. Read “How To Choose The Best Permanent Guest Blogger For Your Blog.” As you work together, you and your PGB can benefit both your sites.

As a Blog Owner, What Are Your Responsibilities?

  • Give your PGB plenty of space for a bio and let them include links to their site, their Twitter account, their Facebook page and anywhere else they want to link. (Within reason, of course. You don’t want them sending traffic to a porn page or something completely irrelevant.)
  • Give them their own category.
  • Give them a big banner in the sidebar that links to their category.
  • Give them space in the sidebar to promote their popular posts on your blog.
  • Promote their posts on your own social networks.
  • Promote their blogs on your own site and social networks.

How Does Being a Permanent Guest Blogger Benefit You?

  • You’ll save time. You’re constantly looking for blogs that accept guest posts and researching their content. As a PGB you’ll be able to learn what the readers are looking for because you’ll only be dealing with one blog.
  • As the readers get to know you you’ll start seeing more traffic and they’ll be more attentive to your content. You’re no longer another one-hit-wonder. Now you’re one of the family.
  • If you’ve chosen the right blog to be a PBG on, they’ll understand the benefits of collaboration. Read “How To Get More Out Of Guest Blogging.” As you work together, you and the blog owner will increase the traffic and income at both of your sites.
  • Again, if you’ve chosen the right blog, you’ll gain a whole new audience for your home blog – a much more loyal and attentive audience because they already know you and they’ve chosen to follow you home.

As a Permanent Guest Blogger, What Are Your Responsibilities?

  • Post as frequently as you can. But remember, you’re a guest blogger. It’s OK if you don’t post every day or every week, as long as your content is killer when you do post.
  • Promote your guest posts across your social networks.
  • Promote the other blog on your blog.
  • Interlink between relevant content on both blogs as often as possible.
  • Collaborate on special projects with the blog owner.

As you can see, Permanent Guest Blogging is a collaborative effort. It takes guest blogging to a whole new level. For a little about my own successful experience as a PGB, read “How To Get More Out Of Guest Blogging.”

For more information on Permanent Guest Blogging read:

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    • Richa from market intelligence August 20, 2012, 11:30 am

      This is quite an interesting thing you have put forward in this post. Permanent guest blogging is a collaborative effort and need something from both the ends. Thanks for this informative share.

    • Aayna from silver value calculator August 29, 2012, 9:20 pm

      Hey Donna,
      I was aware about guest blogging, but never knew about permanent guest blogging. Indeed, the permanent guest blogging is an enticing way to keep the blog running. Thanks for providing the useful insight on this subject.
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    • Fatima from Leadership training Brisbane August 30, 2012, 1:26 pm

      Wow! This is indeed a great way to look at the different roles of bloggers. Permanent guest blogging works to the benefit of both parties. I’m glad to have read this great post.

    • chanikacha September 3, 2012, 5:11 am

      Interesting! We also need to take care and ask our guest blogger so that they will think that our blog might help them and make them feel that your not just offering a service but offering an information that can help them.

    • Joy from market intelligence September 3, 2012, 5:42 am

      Permanent guest blogging is a mutually beneficial concept. As a blog owner, initial screening may be necessary but once the competency of a guest blogger is proven you may start expecting remarkable results :) Thanks for sharing the numerous perks of having a permanent guest blogger.

    • Kristine September 3, 2012, 5:45 am

      I completely agree that being a permanent guest blogger is so much better than having to look for various blogs where you can share your expertise and is indeed a collaborative effort. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights on the matter.

    • Abhishek from massage school in california September 4, 2012, 3:51 am

      Firstly, I must mention that I loved the term “Permanent Guest Blogger” and “Guest Blogger In Residence”. Never heard them before but i really liked both of them. I think as a blog owner, one can consider having a few PGB depending on the level of expertise these PMB possess in their niche. Like for e.g. if one has a blog on online marketing, he can consider a few PGBs possessing expertise in onpage SEO, offpage link building, PPC and so on. But overall, the concept of PGB looks really interesting.

    • robertlee749 September 20, 2012, 3:51 am

      Am happy to share this permanent guest blogger post with much better information – it gives an clear idea about how that works. This guest posting is very useful to bloggers.

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