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Major social media influencers, bloggers, and blogging and SEO communities are working together to coordinate the largest cash prize blogging contest ever to be launched.

Bloggers will write posts on the topic
‘Share Your Best Small Business Advice’
plus bonus posts specifically
about our sponsors.

All posts will then be heavily promoted across social networks.


Contest Start: Tuesday May 15, 2012
Promotion Period Ends: June 31, 2012
Winners Announced: July 15, 2012


Bloggers of all experience levels are invited to compete for TWENTY cash prizes plus many non-cash prizes. The Top three cash prizes will be largest to ensure that professional bloggers are rewarded for taking part.

The 17 additional cash prizes and the non-cash prizes ensure that even a new blogger has a change to take home the dough and/or valuable products.


  • Have your content published on well known established blogs including CommentLuv, GrowMap, BlogEngage and many others.
  • Learn new skills including how to attract traffic from other blogs and social networks.
  • Receive free accounts and upgrades on popular sites like EasyRetweet, JustRetweet, BlogEngage, and many more.
  • Free $50 credit on Gushcloud to create a task to promote their blog or a social cause. (Subject to availability).
  • Multiply your current blog traffic because other competitors and organizers will be promoting YOUR blog.
  • Benefit from one-on-one mentoring with Gail Gardner from GrowMap who will share tips on blogging, copywriting, using images, SEO, and much more.

How much can you benefit? Here is what Gail wrote about how Stephanie Suesan Smith became the Most Improved Blogger because of the CommentLuv contest SMBcontest is based on:

At the beginning of the previous CommentLuv contest, Stephanie was blogging on GoDaddy of all things. I was not even aware they had a blog platform. Stephanie quickly saw that she could not do as much with that blog as WordPress bloggers could.

Eighteen days into the contest on June 26, 2010 she moved her gardening blog to WordPress. Less than 3 months later,  Stephanie’s blog had a U.S. Alexa rating of 51,403 with 38 incoming links. On April 12, 2012 her U.S. Alexa is 49,155 and her blog is a PR3 blog.

Read How to Measure Blog Influence to understand why these numbers are important.


All the judges for the cash prizes portion of the contest are influential, social-media savvy experienced bloggers who are not competing in the contest.  They will rank each post on a 1-10 scale. Their cumulative scores will count for 60% of the total score to ensure that the best quality content wins.

The other 40% will be the total of publicly available social media metrics such as Topsy and TweetReach. The co-founders, media sponsors, and judges will collectively decide on the exact scoring system and it will be published on multiple high profile blogs.


Check out the many non-cash prizes. Each blogger can choose to write about any or all of these non-cash prize sponsors. Those posts DO count towards your scores for the cash prizes AND they enter you to win the prize you write about. These will be much easier to win because many sponsors are offering multiple prizes.

If what you want to write about does not fit your blog’s audience, Gail will research the established blogs that are best for that sponsor and you for your post about that sponsor to be published.  Posts may also be published on GrowMap, Blog Engage, and many other established sites.


Each sponsor offering a non-cash prize will choose the winners from among only the bloggers who wrote about why they wanted to win that prize OR any other topic they choose that is specifically about what that sponsor has to offer.

Should that sponsor decide to offer special discounts, request product reviews, do blog outreach or launch new products or services, the bloggers who wrote about them best are likely to be selected as their brand ambassadors.


  1. Click the WordPress Admin link at the bottom of this blog.
  2. Sign in with an existing WordPress account (or create a new WordPress account and confirm it by clicking the link in the email WordPress will send you).
  3. Edit your profile. Your bio is what will show on the bottom of your posts if they are published on this blog, so you will want to write a good bio. Do include links to your own blog and your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts.

Submit entry posts to this blog for publication.
For ease in judging and to be fair for all contestants,
posts will first be published here.

After judging, posts will be no-indexed here and moved to
participants blog or to relevant established blogs
for additional visibility.

We will use the email address you provide when you register as an author to contact you, so be sure you enter it correctly and use and email address you check regularly.

Sign up for the participant newsletter below by entering your email address in the box and clicking Subscribe me! :

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