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Blogdash, The Blogger Outreach Dashboard – Review

I Like Blogdash, The Blogger Outreach Dashboard

Blogdash All-In-One Blogger Outreach SoftwareI like Blogdash, The Blogger Outreach Dashboard.  I especially like it for new, or inexperienced, social marketers.

An explanation for why I have that opinion may be difficult to voice, but my best effort will be made.  Be patient, please, as I get to the point.

Have you noticed that Marketers have become a targeted audience for other Marketers?  That audience has now expanded to include Marketers using Social Media Platforms as their campaign headquarters.

Traditionally, the word ‘media’ could be interpreted as a list of news and information-providing sources:  Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio, etc.  Today, ‘everybody’ is ‘media’.

We Are All ‘Media’

We’re all issuing news and information about something … about everything from crochet to child care to health preservation to the cost of gasoline and on and on it goes.  No subject goes untouched because, worldwide, there are people who are interested in a subject that’s being talked about by the ‘media’ … us.

Marketers who have been around for a while have learned the searching techniques to use in order to find a target market.  New, or inexperienced marketers, have not yet learned that time-consuming and necessary task.

Many, so called marketers, are known to by-pass the search and verification portion of choosing a targeted market.  They simply throw their information to the wind and hope it lands somewhere to take root.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind these days that blogging is ‘where it’s at’ as far as creating a web home, becoming known, becoming liked and becoming trusted.  The problem for bloggers who do not yet have an audience is how and where to get one.

Enter Blogdash, The Blogger Outreach Dashboard

The largest contribution made to a blogger, through Blogdash, is the tools with which to search for, locate, and communicate with other bloggers interested in similar topics.

The About page goes into detail as to why and how this service is provided.

The FAQ  page is elegantly simple with lots of white space and no clutter.  It’s easy to locate the topic for which more information is needed and there is a free, downloadable, Guide.  How sweet can it get?Get Blogdash Free Blogger Outreach Guide

Just as I thought I’d explored all the great things offered by this site, I noticed an icon in the upper right corner of the page inviting me to watch a demo.  It was a pleasant surprise, when upon clicking that icon, a page opened up with, not one, but 12 how-to-do-it videos.

Watch Blogdash Blogger Outreach Platform DemoThe Blogdash system is not difficult to use in the first place. Add these 12 video how-tos and there is almost no way that even the newest of the new marketer can go astray. I loved it.

There was only two items with which I had some slight difficulty.  It has to do with the navigation of the site.

To get back to home page, one needs to know to click on the logo located at the top left. To sign in or to register, one needs to locate a rather small box located on the header’s right side on the home page.  I have to think that some small adjustments here would make the site more user friendly.

I think that this group of marketers are providing a tool for other marketers. Blogdash’s All-In-One Blogger Outreach Software, I think, is a tool that fills a need.

I think that the use of this tool will be a blessing to those who are pushed for time and know-how in the area of search.

So, yes, I can, and do, recommend Blogdash to new, or inexperienced, social marketers. I’d suggest that it be used, both as intended and as a learning tool so that eventually, this work can be done independently by the search-challenged marketer.

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    • zourkas July 11, 2012, 10:53 am

      This is really true that we are all media!! And nowadays being a trusted blogger is a bit difficult but not impossible. There are awesome many opportunities for people to start making money from home by creating a website or a blog and start to generate traffic and make money from many methods…like an affiliate marketing….

    • Neha July 23, 2012, 7:17 am

      Today everyone wants to earn money with easy tasks. Blogging is one of them.Any one at home with any age can earn money by it. Also blog creation and posting is not a difficult task.
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    • richa from wordpress support July 30, 2012, 6:31 am

      Thanks for this review, Dorothy. The term media has changed a lot from its traditional usage. I would surely like to use Blogdash, it looks pretty good.

    • Joy from villa ubud August 24, 2012, 12:50 am

      Hi Dorothy :) Thanks for the salutary share, I specifically value tools that actually educate instead of the usual quick fixes that turn out to be disappointing in the end. I need all the help I can get in terms of keeping my marketing strategies calibrated with industry standards and this is a great method to learn from the experts.

    • Kristine from cash for diamonds August 24, 2012, 7:46 am

      Thanks for this comprehensive and enlightening review, I am all for increased productivity and efficacy. Thanks Dorothy! More Power!
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    • Emilia from web2print September 26, 2012, 2:55 am

      With an online market saturated with products being offered with ridiculous get-rich-quick claims, I make it a point to check the feedback of bloggers I trust. Marketing is truly one of the most challenging facets in any business and I’m sure that this is one of the best methods to supplement my efforts. Thank you!

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